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ICT Professionals SpA.

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Our Mission

We invest the time to develop three important aspects of recruitment. We stand and look through the eyes of our clients, our candidates, and then from our own perspective as the experts in ICT recruitment solutions. We align these visions, bringing them together as one to achieve ongoing success for all.

The ICT Professionals recruitment team is collaborative, and works with you to ensure that each candidate presented meets the Client and Candidate´s requirements. We have in place a proven methodology and we manage the recruitment process in fine detail.  Our true value is found in our ability to meet the needs of both client and candidate to ensure the best mutual fit. It is not simply a case of skills matching, but of achieving the priority strategic outcomes of your business by building your workforce with quality candidates. It also requires good technical knowledge which our Consultants have, as they have worked in the area of ICT.

Given our industry experience, we are able to add value to the process as we understand the challenges of the client and the candidate, as well as the marketplace.  Our candidates are matched according to competence, integrity, technical abilities, cultural fit and high potential to contribute to the future growth and success of the client´s business in the future.

Simply Put, This is What We Strive For!